Empires SMP : I'M THE EMPEROR NOW! Minecraft Survival Lets Play

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fWhip is the EMPEROR of the Empires SMP server!! Time to enforce a new rule on the server to bring all of the empires closer together! Click the LIKE Button if you enjoy!

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33 thoughts on “Empires SMP : I'M THE EMPEROR NOW! Minecraft Survival Lets Play”

  1. When you were digging in the Nether the music that you had sounded familiar and I now know where I heard it before. It is used as the intro music for "High Score" a Netflix docu-series about the history of video games. Also, that is a very constructive rule that you have Emperor fWhip. Infrastructure is the key to empire building.

  2. The death pit reaction

    Others empire smp'errrsss: uhh I hope I won't be the one falling in it 😥

    Fwihp: that doesn't look that deadly:D

    Man gotta be honest

  3. People who cover holes
    Me: you psychopath
    Hole coverers: meh I don't have enough enough dirt
    Me: going into their storage room to discover them with millions of stacks of dirt
    Them: how did that get there
    Me: kills him

  4. Can we go over the fact that fWhip became besties with jimmy and then immediately walked out of his storage room with tnt in his hands. (Me sitting on my on my couch thinking he’s about to walk over to jimmy’s and just destroy the entire empire.


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