Does the Minecraft Live Trailer Tease Minecraft 1.19? (+ More Questions!)

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its back! This week we take a look at the Minecraft Live Trailer, the best of the subreddit, and CLB. Do you think the trailer actually teases anything?



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if you read this comment “wendy”


49 thoughts on “Does the Minecraft Live Trailer Tease Minecraft 1.19? (+ More Questions!)”

  1. There a lot of things that "could be" hints for example
    _The eye of ender and ender vision thingny
    _Endermen everywhere
    _and when the date is reveald there is a lot of purpel quastion marks in the backround

  2. also, maybe instead of a mob vote is a update vote? They have information about each update thst they vote on? Thst would also explain all the different things mentioned!


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