Did Diamond Ore Distribution Change in Minecraft 1.17? [Minecraft Myth Busting 132]

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I heard a rumour that Y5 was the best place to mine diamonds in 1.17… Lets investigate and find out where we should branch mine for diamonds!

Best Way To Find Diamonds Minecraft 1.9 & 1.8 Tutorial

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35 thoughts on “Did Diamond Ore Distribution Change in Minecraft 1.17? [Minecraft Myth Busting 132]”

  1. I’m sorry to say but your sample size shows signs of not being large enough.
    In nature (and by extension in minecraft which is typically built to mimic natural distributions) almost all distributions are smooth. When you have jagged data or zigzags this is an indication that randomness significant. You’re data at at 5, 6 and 7 show and again at 10, 11 and 12 show a jagged distribution.
    I would recommend doing this test again on another seed (i mean, only if you feel like it). This will give you the best idea of how randomness is effecting the data.

  2. I did similar tests (albeit with a smaller sample size) for the datapack that mojang released that increases the world depth to y=-64, these are the results:

    Blocks removed: 62500

    y level / diamonds found:
    -63 7
    -62 12
    -61 20
    -60 33
    -59 40
    -58 42
    -57 37
    -56 19

    vanilla 1.16:
    y level / diamonds found:
    1 19
    2 21
    3 54
    4 49
    5 50
    6 56
    7 74
    8 53
    9 63
    10 80
    11 64
    12 51
    13 64
    14 41
    15 25

    As you can see, there is a pretty significant decrease. Lets hope mojang fixes this 🙁

    I'll leave extensive testing to xisuma as my pc can't handle that much computation :")

  3. can someone explain thoroughly what happened in the bedrock version? it sounds like there is going to be an update where we can get below bedrock to find the diamonds? my main concern is ive been working on a world with a friend and i dont want to generate new terrain to find diamonds when the update drops. are the diamonds there but we just cant access them yet on bedrock?

  4. it's so weird, I have seen everywhere that you should mine at 5, but I tried for a few hours on a world, found not a single diamond. But when I tried 10-12 again I started finding like normally… Can it have something to do that I play on a friends open realm or should it still be the same outcome?

  5. Couldn't you just create a datapack that uses armor stands to count blocks and create a graph somewhere in the world automatically, without all the manual moving around. Similar to Seth's raytacer…

  6. So essentially positioning at y=6 would expose ores at all the best layers then. You'd be walking on 5 mining 6 and 7 and bumping your head into 8 for a whopping 578 diamonds if you fully clear layers 6 and 7. Totaling 1617 diamonds on the whole slice that's over a third (35.7%) of all available diamonds for mining just 2 layers out that's pretty darn amazing.

    Comparing this to mining y=11 while probably still faster dodging the lava lakes, you'd only catch 442 diamonds which while still definitely worth it is a much weaker 27.3% so closer to a quarter of all diamonds.

    So now the question remains, with y=11 being a mere 76.5% of y=5 resource-wise it's never going to be a question which is better, you won't get better diamonds per durability on 11 anymore period. But can you mine 1/76,5% = ~131% the speed of y=5 then they'd break even. You'd need to be about a third faster on y=11 to make it still worth your time over y=5. Mind that also includes you might not have to mine as much deep slate on y=11 that could factor into this massively actually.

  7. I forget about things like block distribution, map size updates, etc… and have been mining at what I thought was where the most diamonds spawned (y,14) for yearrssss. This video is very helpful. Keep it up and… Thanks 🙂

  8. From what i’ve experienced in this update, mining at y=11 is a faster way to get diamonds just because you’re less likely to run into lava pools.


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