Breaking Down The New Minecraft 1.18 Mountain Biomes!

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Minecraft 1.18 will be adding five brand new mountain biomes to the game! The new biomes are the meadow, the grove, the snoy slopes, the lofty peaks, and the snowcapped peaks. In this video we take a look at every new mountain biomes and talk all about them!



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23 thoughts on “Breaking Down The New Minecraft 1.18 Mountain Biomes!”

  1. The mountains look so good but my potato cant handle it i have like 10 fps and in around 40 fps what is playable. I am just a little disappointed that i cant really play it well i hope that it changes an i can actually play the game

  2. None of my world generations have looked anything cohesive; everything looks like amplified worlds with mish-mashed micro biomes that aren't appealing. Hell, I actually had a single shipwreck that is comprised of FOUR shipwrecks; the ship is quartered it parts in cold ocean, river, and lukewarm ocean, and the planks of the ship correspond to each biome! Also, part of the ship is upright, part is facing downward, and two parts are on their side. Now, it is a cool, one-of-a-kind wreck, but this is happening with mountains, forests, and deserts, too! I hope they fix it. I wanted to try and regenerate a world on the same seed using Large Biomes, but that selection doesn't exist for the 1.18.1 "snapshot."

  3. Imagin minecraft would add the lynx in the meadow Biome. I live in Switzerland and we have alot of landscape that has that grass tone. And in the biome we sometimes find rabbits deers and lynx.


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