Adopted by AMANDA the ADVENTURER in Minecraft!

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What’s up my doki doki daisies!? I’m Princess Hana and welcome to my video!

Today, Princess Hana gets ADOPTED by AMANDA the ADVENTURER! AMANDA will bring HANA and her friends into her GAME where WOOLIE is trying to help HANA escape! Hana will have to play AMANDA’s GAMES if she wishes to escape! Lets Go Doki-Doki Daisies!


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23 thoughts on “Adopted by AMANDA the ADVENTURER in Minecraft!”

  1. I actually screamed when I saw all the glitch monsters. Sorta makes me very scared if Amanda and Pibby's universes collide together with Hanas at the same time. Got me scared thinking about it. Let's super strong action figure Ren fix this. – hides behind him –

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