About The Minecraft 1.20 Inventory Update…

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What Is The Minecraft 1.20 Update Theme?! 🤔 Yesterday something very interesting took place that could hint at whats coming in the future. Today we talk about inventories, theorize a bit, and talk a tiny bit about improving the system

0:00 – a story
0:49 – top secret survey
4:00 – the java inventory
7:11 – the bedrock inventory
8:52 – hints and secrets
10:36 – improving the inventory

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43 thoughts on “About The Minecraft 1.20 Inventory Update…”

  1. PLEASE make a video about everything wrong with minecraft, this game has been so incredibly poorly treated the last few years (not saying the game has'nt gotten any good additions but hell this game needs a total revamp and optimalization)

  2. Leaving the creative tab aside, i'm actually quite happy with the current inventory. Its simple, clean and intuitive. the only inventory i like more than this is the Terraria one (god bless quick stack).
    On that note, I dont think adding more inventory space would be a good idea at all. We have shulker boxes already and getting or even farming them is a lot more engaging than boring ass backpacks.

  3. I think minecraft 1.20 should have an overworld update. they could add a volcano, canyons, oasis, zombie hideouts (just an idea above ground zombie spawners where they hide from sunlight but different from dungeons), fruits growing, maybe whales, villager fishermen actually fishing, villager weaponsmiths and blacksmiths actually defending themselves and the village from raids and zombies, saplings slowly growing leaves and wood instead of it being instant, wet sand that doesnt have gravity when water on sand, harder to loot structures, (for example desert temple guards or maybe occasionaly spawning a zoglin next to a ruined portal) , (will edit this comment when i get new ideas)

  4. Bundles would be cool but personally I think the inventory is fine the way it is…

    I would like to see an end update I mean we have shulkers for extra inventory and end chests.

    More people just need to go end raiding to fix their problems inventory problems

  5. Honestly we need more things that give space rn just for a mineing trip about an hour or two long I have to bring atleast 1-2 shulker to hold stuff it's really annoying expeshly when you can only name and recolor them I already have ones with all the colors

  6. I never play without a backpack mod, it would be super amazing to have upgradable backpacks that you can access directly from your inventory in the game – maybe like a new version of a shulker box?

  7. The crafting recipe book was such a good edition because I had basically memorise all the crafting recipes and I would even mix up crafting recipes or completely forget them and have to google it

  8. This sounds like a concept discussed back in The Wild Update (1.19) trailer, so if this is how 1.20 is going to be, then 1.20 should either be called The Inventory And Archaeology Update or just The Wild Update Part II.

  9. Lol. Your mending bow "inventory" … I carry one stack..A mending bow with Power V, Flame, and Punch II with a steady hand on the mouse can do a lot of un-aliving with 64 arrows. Plus a sharpness 5 sword.

  10. I'm PO'd since I lost all my progress due to the "Building Terrain" glitch which has been in the game since damn near the beginning.

    Maybe they should work on fixing that first?

  11. Hopefully theyll just fix the freaking chunk border glitches on bedrock edition and not have to worry about minecarts and mobs randomly disappearing. That would be the ultimate update to me

  12. I personally much rather the bedrock creative inventory, maybe because I've only just begun playing Java. But i think the survival inventory is a good size to keep things a little more difficult. I would love to see a craft able backpack/bundle type of thing

  13. I agree that the bundle would solve a lot when it comes to early game exploration. It is disappointing that it cannot be crafted in vanilla without a datapack. And I don't buy their explanation for its absence for a second. It is working as intended. Just get it craftable in vanilla, please.

    Other than that I see no huge problems with inventory. How difficult is it to just stop for a few seconds to craft a chest and put a few items in that one before continuing the journey? There is no use in expanding the inventory with more rows. People will ALWAYS complain about it being too small. Now 27 slots is too few. If they added a new row 36 would be too few. Another row? 45 is too few. Trust me. Some people would continue to complain no matter how big the inventory got.

  14. they better be glad i didn't take the survey, cuz i would have to answer other for version played as it looks like Java is getting left in the COLD again…. just sayin…. also, when it comes to backpacks or OTHER storage, first we have shulker boxes already in game, second there are tons of mods "at least for java" that ad backpacks and other similar items…. soo, so much for no backpacks in Minecraft….


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