15 Inventory Updates Minecraft 1.20 Needs!

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Minecraft 1.20 Inventory Update is one of the most popular update ideas for Minecraft’s next big update! If Minecraft’s inventory was getting a big revamp, what should be added?! Shulker Box Enchantments, New Chests, And Maybe Bigger Stacks?! In this video we take a look at 15 inventory updates that Minecraft 1.20 could have! What would you add?!

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if you read this comment “dirt chest pls”


35 thoughts on “15 Inventory Updates Minecraft 1.20 Needs!”

  1. I'd kinda like an early game storage of a backpack. To keep it from being too op make it so you can only have one at a time and maybe as many storage spaces as a normal single chest. You can't put backpacks in your backpack but maybe late game you can add shulkers but things left in the backpack stay in the backpack. So unlike an ender chest where you can have five and open anyone for something if you leave your dirt in your brown backpack and put it somewhere you have to go retrieve that brown backpack to get it back like in real life. But I suppose it would break the game to have a backpack full of shulkers in an ender chest. Maybe only empty backpacks can be put in shulkers? I'm sure someone else can flesh this out more. Also maybe they can be decorated like banners.

  2. Take the bundle and make it like an early shulker get it like 5 maybe 6 slots but each slot can hold one stack of an item. When you want to take them out instead of dumping them you can open it like a backpack and take out what you want.

  3. Inventory update? Cosmetic backpacks. Basic smooshed chest looking ones, themed ones with stuff sticking out or attached, just simple Back Items for the Character Creator. Seems like a no brainer and essential for any adventurer appearance.

  4. I remember back in the old days of "Diablo 2": one of the Parts of Armor / Clothing there was the Belt, and depending on its type (small, medium, big) you had 4 (small), 8 or even 12 slots of inventory for your potions.

    the Books-storage: what about the classic bookshelf? Use a silk-touch-item on it, put it in your inventory (to fill up one single slot) and after that put 8 enchanted books into that single slot. This would make it easier to carry lots of enchanted books. But to make it not to OP, it would be ok, if you have to put the bookshelf down on the ground to interact with it and open it´s own bookshelf-inventory to take a book out of it.

  5. Look. All I’m gonna say is this: The Ender Chest exists. Shulker boxes exist. The only issue, is that these bootleg inventory increases are very lategame. Will you find/make a Silk Touch diamond pick for your Ender Chest early? Possibly. Then, you have the Shulker Boxes: They’re literally in the postgame. There is no in-between, earlier-game inventory upgrade, and honestly that kinda stinks. I’m all for Bundles, because they’re like very small versions of Shulker Boxes, and theoretically give you 3-4x the inventory space, as opposed to the 20x (or whatever) of the shulker, with each doubled by an ender chest. So yeah, having access to a slightly larger inventory relatively early compared to only ever getting an inventory upgrade much, much later would be wonderful.

  6. I think revamping old content biome by biome would be better then new stuff.
    like only minor additions, minor structures and some plantlife. Eg, random variations to plants so it not all the same flower arrangement or a single mushroom.

  7. Inventory improvements as I see them as a new player.
    Stack Limits: if it stacks, the limit is 99, all of them. No more inconsistent stack limits.

    That's the one if I had to choose it'll make the most impact immediately, the following are further thoughts on the subject.

    Backpacks: Craftable backpacks adding a number of slots to your base inventory slots. Leather, string and iron to make it. While we're on that particular topic some work on metals and smelting would be in order too. Coal or Charcoal and Iron to get Steel. Introduce Tin and we could do Copper and Tin to make Bronze for example.

    Sort by: Liked your inclusion of an inventory sort button, would add the ability to set that to Alphabetically or Alphabetically by Item type (Food, stone, ore, gemstones, tools, weapons, armor etc)

    Chest variants, especially stone based ones so some of those unused blocks can be put to some practical use ie: Tuff chests.

  8. You know what Mojang would say to these ideas?
    They would give you the same answer as they gave for riding dolphins.
    That would be too unrealistic and it doesn't exist in the real world.
    And what about skeletons, for example, they are alive and walking around our world and I have one in my basement.
    That's not unrealistic.

  9. I have a idea for 1.20

    1.20 "The Ender Update"

    This update would transform the end into a new world, the ender crystal pillars will be slitghly higher by 8 blocks, and the Ender Dragon staying zone thingy will be enlarged, would also add new mobs into the end, such as the Ender Skeleton, which when an arrow hits you, youll be cursed by a blinding effect, however the Ender Skeleton has a 20% spawn, the next is the Ender Zombie, this is more common with a 70% spawn rate, they would deal more damage than a regular zombie, but would move slower, lastly the Ender Husk, the ender husk will have a 40% spawn rate in the end, the Ender Husk is faster than a normal Husk, and deals the same damage as a regular husk, the only difference is when an Ender Husk gets killed it would drop more XP than a regular husk, lastly the Ender Dragon, would have more time of roaming around before going to her sleep spot thing, the Ender Dragon would stay in it by 1 more second, before roaming around again. The Dragon Egg's place would be increased higher by 2 blocks and would be surrounded by Purple Stained Glass.

    There would also be a new ore in the end callled: Enderite. im not that creative ;-;, do you guys have any ideas for the Ender Ore?

    Thats all! Thanks 🙂

  10. Minecraft once posted a picture of Alex with a chestplate AND an elytra… What is we get that elytra slot in 1.20, and you can choose if you want to equip the elytra or some kind of backpack? (for extra storage)


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