1.19.30 Update OUT NOW – Ready For Minecraft Live 2022

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Exciting new update just dropped, mostly exciting for potions though let’s be honest

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36 thoughts on “1.19.30 Update OUT NOW – Ready For Minecraft Live 2022”

  1. how does nobody understand the vanilla cape design? You get it when you buy both Java and Bedrock, So the cape is a grass block(Java) and a bedrock block(Bedrock) stacked on top of each other.

  2. Glitches of the current version of Java, more lighting glitches! Lag loading glitches (in comparison to last play on the server I have been working on), and the big one, no Spawns during lightening storms! We were looking forward to making charged creepers.

  3. as a java player i do wish java could get bedrock features such as fallen trees or the ability to put potions in culdrons. ik saying it here wont make a change as you are not part of mojang and i understand that this channel is a bedrock channel with a predominantly bedrock viewerbase so i assume few will care here but i do wish these features could be in java as there is little if any reason as to why they couldnt be implemented in quickly

    edit: they keep talking about parity but its mostly java features going to bedrock…i wish there could be some bedrock features going to java

    dear god no not the moderation tho….that can stay on bedrock even though i wouldnt be surprised if they bring that mess to java anyway even tho we have stated clearly that we do not want it


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