[1.18] Best Shaders for Minecraft 1.18 | Minecraft 1.18 Shaders

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Hello and welcome to yet another Minecraft video!
In this video, I will show the top 5 best shaders for Minecraft 1.18!
📦 Shaders: https://danielplays.net/best-shaders-1-18/

With the recent release of Minecraft 1.18 and Optifine 1.18 we can now finally use shaders in the latest Minecraft version. Minecraft 1.18 looks much better with some good shaders, doesn’t it? But what if you’re having trouble finding the right 1.18 shaders? This video includes some of the best mid end shaders for Minecraft 1.18 as well some of the best high end shaders for Minecraft 1.18. Among the top 5 best shaders for Minecraft 1.18 are shaders like DrDestens McShaders, but also the very popular AstraLex Shaders and even SEUS PTGI HRR.

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📙 Chapters:
0:00 Intro
1:08 DrDestens McShaders
2:40 AstraLex
5:19 Voyager Shaders
7:29 Oceano Shaders
8:45 Outro

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25 thoughts on “[1.18] Best Shaders for Minecraft 1.18 | Minecraft 1.18 Shaders”

  1. One thing to note about the PTGL shader is that it gets a bit weird with the new blocks, since they're not properly added to the reflections yet. So light doesn't properly bounce off the new blocks, and you can see lava through walls of the new blocks when looking at water / glass and other reflective blocks.

  2. has anyone tried rudoplays shaders on 1.18? i've noticed the whole world looks like there's been a huge shadow cast upon it. i tested it out on my modded 1.12 world and it looks normal there. kind of frustrating since it's my favorite shaderpack and i would like to use it on 1.18. not to mention the fact that the official website is no longer active.

  3. The area where Seus' PTGI HRR really shines is where you didn't show, and that's in caves and indoor environments, which shows off the power of the global illumination. I've used nearly a dozen shader packs and nothing beats Seus' PTGI for realistic lighting, assuming you have the PC for it. My 10700K and 3080 make it run quite smoothly though.


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