[1.17+] Top 5 Best Texture Packs for Minecraft 1.17 | Minecraft Resource Packs 1.17

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Hello and welcome to yet another Minecraft video!
With the release of Minecraft 1.17 you’re probably looking for some 1.17 texture packs that are up-to-date! That’s why in this video I will show you the top 5 best texture packs for Minecraft 1.17. I picked some of the best 1.17 resource packs and made sure there was some variation in the pack selection as well, that’s why in this video you will find both simplistic 1.17 resource packs like 8-bitCraft 2 and some hd 1.17 texture packs like Faithful and MeineKraft Fanmade. I do recommend installing Optifine 1.17 when using most of these packs, since some of these resource packs have features that are only enabled when using Optifine. On top of that, Optifine 1.17 allows you to combine the texture packs for 1.17 with Shaders! The links below allow you to download 1.17 resource packs from their official Curseforge page. Let me know which one of these you think is the best resource pack for Minecraft 1.17 down below in the comments 🙂

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📦 Download 1.17 Texture Packs:
Jicklus: https://bit.ly/33Xwfa0
MeineKraft Fanmade 64x: https://bit.ly/3zAjYHE
8-bitCraft 2: https://bit.ly/37c5IJ1
Brunozamp’s Foliage: https://bit.ly/2S9yvJo
Faithful 1.17: http://bit.ly/2XXEwbr

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📙 Chapters:
0:00 Intro
1:02 Jicklus
2:21 MeineKraft Fanmade 64x
3:36 8-bitCraft 2
5:10 Brunozamp’s Foliage+
6:48 Faithful 1.17
8:42 Outro

🎵 Music:
Intro | Open All Night – Christian Nanzell (epidemicsound.com)
BGM | Before Chill – Yomoti (epidemicsound.com)
Outro | Hadouken – Lupus Nocte (epidemicsound.com)

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